Present, 2023, 3m * 6.5m * 2m mix material

She used graffiti painting to present her inner state and reflect on the real world. On the day of exhibition arrangement, she collected waste materials from the scene and reassembled them. The audience were invited to write emotions on the scene, record the present, the inner touch and the uniqueness of the field through the presentation of works, communicate with each pair of eyes of the visitors, and respond with graffiti Performance art.

                                                                                                      Present, 2023, 3m * 6.5m * 2m 混合材料

用涂鸦绘画呈现内心状态,反思现实世界。之前收到策展人寿星的信息:“回来了吗?有个展厅,你来做一副创作吧。” 我说:”好。“ 听着她说了一堆元宇宙的什么什么,其实也真的不了解,一直挺排斥虚拟世界的。展览布置的前一天,带着一卷纯白色面料和颜料去了现场,发现原来六米高的墙面真的不是小尺寸,到了半夜,偶然遇到还在营业的面料店,问他们要了很多垃圾,第二天一大早,收集了现场艺术家们布展后的废旧材料,重新组合。想延续之前所谓的情感可持续或者是垃圾艺术性的理念和观众参与互动,更多的观众站在作品前拍了很多照片。躲在人群中看大家对作品的反馈很有趣,小朋友们会大声的说:”妈妈!你看好多垃圾!“ 妈妈说:“嘘!这是艺术!”我说:“我是垃圾。” 此刻我真的觉得我很爱垃圾。 后来又很多人在上面写了各种语言和文字,挺好,都挺好。

Before Marriage, June 15, 2018;Length:180cm/width:40cm/height:230cm;mix materials

One week before the wedding I made with scissors, fabrics, wool, papers, clothes, food, condoms, earphones and other materials.

Why it is black? I have no idea.

What is marriage? Who knows?

It doesn't mean what it means.

                                                                      婚前习作一;2018年6月15日;长:180 厘米/宽:40 厘米/高:230 厘米;混合材料

在艺术家冷冰川老师的指导下,创作了这个作品,创作完的第二天是要去结婚,冷冰川老师给我起了这个名字。我在整个校园里收集到黑色的材料,例如剪刀、布料、毛线、纸张、衣服、食物、垃圾、耳机等, 这些好像都是我生活的缩影,代表了什么又没有代表什么,观众问:“这原来是你婚姻的颜色啊!”我:“不知道,或许是黑色的,或许是彩色的,或许是甲方眼里五彩斑斓的黑,写下这段文字的时候已经是我婚后的第五年了,发生了太多事,很多东西都变了,又很多都没有变,如果让我重来一次,可能会加一点白色进去。 据工作人员说,有一位老爷爷在这个作品前占了很久,他哭了,当时我听到这个信息觉得很惊讶,笑着问工作人员他为什么要哭,如今,我如果在场,也许会站在他的旁边,一起哭吧。


wood, wire, zip ties.

Laser-cut wood, decorated with Xinjiang ethnic totems to record my hometown

Da Cong Ming(大聪明), July,23,2021

recycle materials    


I felt depressed and stressed when I lived in Shenzhen. By chance, I had a very cute yellow cockatiel,his named Da Cong Ming in Chinese, he accompanied me through the trough period, but he flew away just a month before I coming to the UK. I feel sad such as lost my child and used materials related to it to make this work to remember him.

Travel diary, 16,March,2021 

recycle materials 


I have been to many countries, a lot of traces, all the memories are piled up here.

JOANNA, 2019


Acrylic and Mixed materials  

Personality, such as collecting the self in the lens of others from different periods, and expressing it with acrylic and comprehensive materials.


Creating an installation space in a 30-year-old abandoned gypsum mine, inviting different dancers to dance in the space, where the material and the body are in a relationship. The chaotic color material contrasts with the white pure space, representing the two different people in my body. Yes, I am complex.