Before Marriage, June 15, 2018


mix materials

One week before the wedding I made with scissors, fabrics, wool, papers, clothes, food, condoms, earphones and other materials.

Why it is black? I have no idea.

What is marriage? Who knows?

It doesn't mean what it means.


wood, wire, zip ties.

Laser-cut wood, decorated with Xinjiang ethnic totems to record my hometown

Da Cong Ming(大聪明), July,23,2021

recycle materials    


I felt depressed and stressed when I lived in Shenzhen. By chance, I had a very cute yellow cockatiel,his named Da Cong Ming in Chinese, he accompanied me through the trough period, but he flew away just a month before I coming to the UK. I feel sad such as lost my child and used materials related to it to make this work to remember him.

Travel diary, 16,March,2021 

recycle materials 


I have been to many countries, a lot of traces, all the memories are piled up here.

JOANNA, 2019


Acrylic and Mixed materials  

Personality, such as collecting the self in the lens of others from different periods, and expressing it with acrylic and comprehensive materials.


Creating an installation space in a 30-year-old abandoned gypsum mine, inviting different dancers to dance in the space, where the material and the body are in a relationship. The chaotic color material contrasts with the white pure space, representing the two different people in my body. Yes, I am complex.